Friday-on-the-Front-Porch, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 3 September 2021

She’s baaaaaack! The Fabulous H.O.R.N. Studio is on the air after my brief time away, and there’s plenty to get after. Texas and their turn toward misogyny and fascism. The ForProfit Media onslaught against Joe Biden for leading the most extensive withdrawal ever from a war we never should have started. Q-Anon Shaman gets sweetheart deal. Damn. They’re gonna do it again, y’all.

Thorn-in-the-Side Thursday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 19 August 2021

Mercy, the stickers are from toes to tip-top today! The historical revisionism of Afghanistan is off the meter. “Y’all, they’re gonna do it again” came true . . . some more. “Two first names and a pick-up truck.” And tannerite. Because feeeeedummm. Anti-mask SoCaristan MAGAT yawps his last. Covid Caligula won’t even send a sympathy card. After all, that would be terribly awkward.