Bloody Monday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 8 May 2023

Sweet, bleeding Jesus, but this grows wearying. A Nazi incel slaughters people at a mall cuz he can’t get laid. And none, I mean NONE of the multi-millionaire ForProfit Media will go deeper than “mental health.” It tasks me! Maybe it’ll show up on my filthy morning habit in a couple of weeks. Too, also: we have a GROOMER! Curiously, neither gay, a drag queen, or trans. Feels like a clue!

Y’all, we bounce from one existential crisis to the next. The next one is breathing down my neck. Appalachian Power wants their money. A lot of money. This community survives by miracles. Human ones. If you can help keep this little miracle of a broadcast alive, please do! Thank you! 

Friday-On-the-Front-Porch, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 5 May 2023

Happy Cinco de Mayo. More tequila will be sold today in the U.S. than any other day of the year. The drip,drip, drip of graft, sleaze, and utter corruption from Fap-Fap and Gin-Gin (ft. Har-Har and Lee-Lee) continues unabated. Good. Testicle Toasting Tuckyo Rose Carlson keeps getting weirder and the suits at FockSnooz are getting scratchy about it. DiFi is coming back to the Senate . . . maybe next week.

We’re facing dire times at The H.O.R.N. We finished the week still unfunded by $250 with some horrorshow bills coming. Please help if you can. As ever, you have my eternal, undying gratitude!

Thorn-In-the-Side Thursday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 4 May 2023

NGL: I’m good at this analysis stuff. Give it a couple of days/weeks/sometimes months, and the ForProfit Media will catch up with me. Fappy. Domestic terrorism. There’s a connection. I’m gonna mention this term for the Record: “Constructive Secession.” It’s where we are. 

In the meantime, we struggle to survive, from one bill to the next.

Prayer Meetin’ Wednesday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 3 May 2023

How Tuckyo Rose finally found the tender spot in the morals of FockSnooz. Charlie Kirk auditions to replace him by defending him. TakesAss MAGAT introduces uterine clown car tax breaks. South Carolinastan wants to execute more women. Oregon MAGATS refuse to do their jobs. NRA Roulette Wheel of Death stops in Midtown Atlanta. Loyalty Oath at a MAGAT church in Floriduh. NAACP member breaks MomferLiburdy Karen’s braims. Betty White banned in Floriduh.

Moran Monday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 24 April 2023

Testicle-toasting Tuckyo Rose Carlson, Man of Masculinity, gets the boot, probably because he got Rupey sued again . . . some more. Don Lemon got the axe at CNN, too. NBC/Comcast exec couldn’t keep his trousers zipped and he’s gone, as well. Spanish facist gets dug up and buried elsewhere because Spain has no tolerance for Fascism. Way to go, Spain! Law Enforcement fulminates and panics over a movie while actual nazis continue to plot against “our democracy.” Killer cop gets a new gig. 

Friday-On-the-Front-Porch, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 21 April 2023

The DiFi Dilemma. You’ll hear something here no one else has likely said. SCOTUS preserves the right to use Mifepristone . . . for now . . . till they can REALLY stick it to the people who need it. Fappy Thomas keeps getting dirtier and it’s getting less likely there will be any consequences. Joe-To-The-Manchin-Born sticks up for the Weaker Speaker and his vicious “plan.” 

Friday-On-the-Front-Porch, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 14 April 2023

Sammy Bad Breath gives a five day reprieve to Mifepristone. Fappy Thomas has to go and more people are figuring it out. Paying attention Merrick? The white wing is working overtime to turn the 21 year old traitor into a hero. 

We’re behind in fundraising by over $1,000. This little network exists on a shoestring. Your kindness keeps it going.

Prayer Meetin’ Wednesday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 12 April 2022

C’mon down that blood red aisle! A sermon from a dead groomer Evilgelist becomes a reality in the Missouri House. Fox’s problems keep birthing new problems. Nitwit Nero tries to sue a witness into silence. Texas MAGAT mansplains what women’s real problems are, besides being second class citizens: “Stop talking about abortion!” The triumphant return of the Tennessee Two to the scene.