Fridoviday-on-the-Frona Porch, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 17 July 2020

The invasion of Portland is under way. Armed gangs of paramilitary thugs are roaming the streets in unmarked minivans, kidnapping and tormenting citizens exercising their First Amendment rights. Bioterrorist Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is trying to kill off the people most likely to vote against Trump and the rest of the MAGAT swine. The Front Porchers ponder the Stone commutation and consider Nitwit Nero’s future in the court system of the State of New York.

Thornovid-in-the-Side Thuronaday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 16 July 2020

Nitwit Nero takes dead aim at  . . . dishwashers and shower heads as he assaults the ability of Americans to breathe air and drink water. His MAGAT House spokestwit, White Privilege Barbie MAGAninny tells the nation we mustn’t let science stand in the way of exposing children to the Trumpandemic. Dan Fisher joins me for another epic conversation between a couple of 50-something pale dudes. Pure radio magic!

Prayerona Mettinovid Wednesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 15 July 2020

Praise! Baptist church sued for not protecting a little girl against a good, god-fearing, upstanding, bible-believing staff member. Son-of-a-Hagee declares socialism “demonic.” Baptist preacher in Dallas claims amending the Constitution was unthinkable to the Framers . . . who, y’know, amended it. The OxyMoron, Phlush Phlegmball, has a hero for our time. “Hey, Grampa! What’s for supper?” “Grandma!” Covidiot maskholes continue to freak out, throw tantrums, and yes, pull pistols on other shoppers.

Trumptanicovid Tuesronaday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 14 July 2020

What a day! A new maskhole covidiot phenomenon emerges, and it’s getting dangerous. Maskless men are threatening store employees with guns in order to intimidate the workers and not follow mask mandates and they’re mostly getting away with it. Chinless Mitch McConnell issues ransom demands in exchange for not killing our kids and grandkids. Ruth Bader Ginsburg back in the hospital. Who might Corona Caligula like to replace her with? Let’s just say he has “Pryors.”

Morona Monoviday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 13 July 2020

They’re coming for our children. Corona Caligula wants to set up a roulette wheel of death in every school district in the United States and whatever they say about the death rate among children means some among our children and grandchildren WILL DIE. They’re so desperate to start the killing, the MAGAT Maladministration spent the weekend sliming Dr. Fauci. Here in WV, we’ve got the highest infection “R” rate in the country and our new state motto is “Montani Semper Dumbass.” Also: bad radio in New Hampshire. Well, not anymore at least. Hand-wringing, pearl-clutching kum-by-yah-ism rears its ugly, collaborationist head in the form of the “Harper’s Letter.”

Dr. Bill Obrien’s Virtual Civics, Monday, 13, 2020

We’re glad to be back and we have an exciting week to look forward to! This Wednesday, Dr. Kevin Shanley will be joining us for the program and discussing world events that we may not be privy of and how they impact us as a nation. We’ll also be discussing the ongoing pandemic and how it’s impacting children and their families. When we’ve reached the point our government no longer wants to protect the future then we’re at a juncture where change is coming whether we like it or not.

Fridoviday-on-the-Frovid-19 Porch, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 10 July 2020

Fresh COVIDIOTS, shipped daily! Nitwit Nero scampers off from New Hampshire. We await the imminent sleaze of a commutation for Roger Stone. And there it is! Senator Cornholio of Texas self-owns with a tweet about COVID-19 mortality. Hell, I can’t cypher worth beans and I can see what an ass he made of himself. 

Monday is Darlene’s birthday and she’s got a $60 challenge on the table, with another $50 challenge from Laborman. Help out if you’re able, please.

Thornovid-in-the-Side Thursday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 9 July 2020

As you might well imagine, most of the program got consumed by analysis of the pathetic SCOTUS decisions handed down today from their Mount Derplympus. That bunch could screw up a one-car funeral. They managed to come up with opinions that met the barest minimum threshold of following the law and in the process, their primary purpose, set up the game to play out in such a way that Nitwit Nero may never answer for his crimes. It’s enough to make a hillbilly think the game is rigged.

Prayerovid Meetinorona Wednesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 8 July 2020

Praise! Glory! Put your hands in the air, Eezma! The Christians are gonna kill us all if the get the chance (and they have the chance). Instead of relying on Jesus, they happily took millions of taxpayer dollars from Paycheck Protection funds. Thanks to the Supreme Court, now they get to fire anyone working for a Religion Industry School and claim they were a “minister,” even if their religion prohibits women from the ministry. It was a big day for religious bigotry as the religious bigots on the Supreme Court also said gospel sharps have more rights than women do. Despicable scum. Also: having to wear a mask is Exactly.The.SAME as Jews being forced into cattle cars and sent to death camps. So says a good, god-fearing, upstanding, Bible-believing, Christ-centered EVILgelical Ammosexual Gundamentalist in Louisiana. And he has a fellow traveller in Ohio! 

Trumptanicovid Tuesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 7 July 2020

Mean, stupid and murderous is no way to go through life, but it seems to be working for the COVIDIOT MAGATS. U.S. begins formal pull-out from World Health Organization. Florida mother sends her immunocompromised daughter to Church Youth party, kills daughter. We rename Orange County, California to “Calibama.” ICE screws student visa holders. White House Spokescreep Kayleigh MAGAninny abuses facts . . . again . . . some more. Texas and Florida continue to surge in COVID-19 cases even as Corona Caligula demands children be sacrificed on the MAGAT altar for his political gain. FBI Chief launches another salvo of accusations against China, in line with the recent theory that “Chinese meddling” will be the excuse to nullify the election in November.

Morona Monday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 6 July 2020

After Friday’s Podbean debacle, hopefully, this audio file won’t be messed up. Because Morans! MAGATS! Whatever meal time it is where you are as you listen to this, I’m gonna ruin it with an image you’ll find difficult, but work like the dickens, to un-see. Karen goes full-Q on a Scottsdale, Arizona Target. West-By-Trump Justicestan gets a mask mandate . . . but not really. Big victories for the people of earth who drink water and breathe air! Snopes gets too cute by half trying to normalize the most Abby Normal President the United States has ever known. Iconoclasm isn’t just a word. It means something.

Friday-on-the-Frontovid Porch Friday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 3 July 2020

Two separate interviews of two different people paint a horrifying picture of what the lick-spittles who orbit Corona Caligula may have in mind for us come November. Would they really use a fake national emergency to disrupt the election? C’mon! Who are we talking about here? Meanwhile, Nitwit Nero and his cast of Covidiots head for Mount Rushmore, where native peoples have made abundantly clear he isn’t welcome. Who knows how many cases of COVID-19 will come out of this?

Thorona-in-the-Front Porch Thursday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 2 July 2020

Covidiots! From New York to Talibama, stupidity abounds. It’s almost like they’re TRYING to spread the ‘Rona. Oh, wait. That’s exactly what they were trying to do. And now, Ol’ 999, Herm Cain is in the hospital because he just HAD to go to Tulsa and sit in the black section at Clorox Caligula’s CoronaPalooza. MAGATS lose what little minds they have over the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein’s pimp. Paul-from-Parts-Unknown calls in to discuss the scientific end of our attempt to contain the TrumPandemic.

Prayer Meetinarona Wednesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 1 July 2020

Glory! Louisiana preacher shames his flock for being absent during a pandemic. Priest in Talibandiana refers to BLM protesters as “vermin.” EVILgelical MAGAT LGBTQ despiser says BLM is trying to turn young black men all gay; declares wearing a mask is just like having to wear a Star of David sewn onto clothing (but somehow forgets the pink triangle); further declares that Bill Cosby was framed. A deep-dive with an old friend of the program into the whys and wherefores of religion, itself. You might want a beverage or something combustible for that part. Heady stuff!

Trumptanicovid Tuesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 30 June 2020

It is hard to imagine anyone more self-assuredly stupid than Kentucky Senator Libertarian Op’famologist Rand Paul, but he never ceases to remind us and he put on a master dumbass class today in the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. Never trust an expert, he confidently declared. Then Dr. Fauci explained that it is entirely possible we will see 100,000 COVID-19 cases per day in the near future if we don’t get our act together. HINT: there are more than enough contagiously stupid people in the U.S. to assure we will NOT get our act together. SCOTUS proved itself more than capable of spitting on the First Amendment by foisting support of religious institutions upon the taxpayers, as we wait for them to render their Trump decision and skedaddle out of town for the next three months.

Moroviday Monday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 29 June 2020

2020 needs to go stand in the corner for awhile. Really. What? A novel swine flu? Great. Add to that the fact that the WHO says the ‘Rona is speeding up and America, Teh Stoopid. Our Stoopid Problem is proving to be worse that our Opioid Problem, and they have similar characteristics. It’s hard to slip someone heroin, but it’s proving to be terrifyingly easy to slip waaaaay to many Americans a hit of Stoopid. Tennessee . . . Florida . . . Texas . . . Arizona . . . Missouri . . . . Tennessee: they’ve all been slipped the viral equivalent of a Mickey Finn. 

Dr Bill Obrien’s Virtual Civics, Monday, 29 June 2020

The politics of death and misdirection. It’s hard to fathom everything going on in the news with regard to our nation’s status among the rising number of Covid-19 victims and our general dissent in taking the precautions to prevent the spread, but the facts are there. From people claiming it’s a violation of their constitutional rights, to heresy and an affront to God’s design of man, this is America in all her glory. We’re losing the battle of logic to an unspecified foe who’ll be the demise of our world as we know it unless we join together and get some common sense and unity going quickly. Remember, this is a joint effort for survival, it depends on us, we the people.