Titanic Tuesday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 21 May 2024

Chicken Don chickens out. The jury will get the case after they’ve been bored to tears, er, instructed. Jasmine Crockett stays on the offensive against Sporkfoot. Israel’s fascist crackdown against journalists continues. PsychoBibi declares that his arrest warrant is “the new antisemitism.” Sure, Bibi. Court documents show the  Saudis were up to their eyes in 9/11. North Carolinastan attacks cancer patients. MAGAT J6 terrorist tells Judge Chutkan he ain’t a’feared of prison cuz Trump’s gonna pardon him.

Agnostic Meetin’ Wednesday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 15 May 2024

No trial news today, but Nitwit Nero still has problems. Dragging all those MAGAT politicians to NYC to kiss his hairy, orange toe may not have been such a good idea. The NY Times gets called out in a big way for its rotten polling. Democrats are feeling their oats in the House and throwing so much shade at Gym “Jacket Off” Jordan that he may freeze. Biden’s now actively daring Tangerine Tiberius to debate. 

Moran Monday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 13 May 2024

This trial, this exercise in showing the world the vulgar ugliness of one rotten human being is, frankly, exhausting. Unlike OJ, we don’t even have his past athletic glories to appreciate. All we have is the long con and the perversions of Melanie’s Husband. Yeah, cuz SHE came up with “locker room talk.” Melanoma has never NOT been toxic, but she just keeps getting worse. She may actually finally morph into Joann Rowling. Who knows? Wouldn’t she be funny with a posh British accent?

Thorn-In-the-Side Thursday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 9 May 2024

When life imitates art . . . and not in a good way. Nitwit Nero throws a bash for the rubes. Little Borron enters the political fray. Brainworm Bobby gives the game away babbling at Ari Melber. Sekint Minmint Feedum breaks out all over the place. A Covidiot doc gets her medical license back in THE Buckeye State.  A dummied up “controversy” ensnares Justice Engoron.

Not-a-Prayer Wednesday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 8 May 2024

Big news from President Biden. He’s stated publicly that he will end arms shipments to Bibi’s fascist government if they invade Rafah. Other big news: Sporkfoot gets humiliated in her fool’s errand to oust Mullah Moses Mike. Workplace hell in Virginia, Iowa, and Florida. We had child labor laws for a reason. Workers need water in hot workplaces for a reason. Israeli Knesset Member declares “the U.S. doesn’t deserve to be called a friend of Israel. The opioid crisis finds more victims in a tiny West Virginia county. Russia possibly planning micro-incursions in to NATO member territory.

Titanic Tuesday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 7 May 2024

It got ugly today in a certain Manhattan courtroom. Tangerine Tiberius was cussing loudly enough at his liars, er, lawyers, that the jury could hear him. Judge Merchan “warned” his pettifogger that it was “contemptuous.” Cicada broods are amazing. Who knew chickadees were “insects?” Editors weep (though they be an endangered species). 

Friday-On-the-Front-Porch, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 3 May 2024

Klannie Grannie gets juiced. Keep your children the hell AWAY from “Youth Ministers.” Utah bigots get  punked, Hopey cries. Kristi didn’t stare down Kim . . . before or after she wasted her puppy. 

Power grid reliability issues discussed.

In the transcript of the podcast, Robyn Kincaid discusses the reliability issues of the power grid in Appalachia, particularly during thunderstorms. She expresses frustration with the antiquated coal-fired power grid that often fails during inclement weather, leading to power outages. She criticizes the legislature for not allowing the addition of sustainable green energy capacity, which would make the power grid more reliable.

Kincaid also mentions the importance of community-driven conversation and reportage on her show, emphasizing that it is not a commercial enterprise but a platform for discussion and engagement. She encourages new listeners to join the chatroom during live broadcasts and participate in the conversation.

The podcast also touches on historical events such as the Children’s Crusade in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963, and the Kent State shootings in 1970. Kincaid draws parallels between past protests and current events, highlighting the importance of activism and standing up for social justice.

Additionally, the podcast discusses political figures like Kristi Noem and Larry Householder, who have been involved in corruption scandals. Kincaid criticizes their actions and calls for accountability in government.

Overall, the podcast addresses a range of topics related to power grid reliability, historical events, political corruption, and social activism. Robyn Kincaid’s commentary offers a unique perspective on current issues and encourages listeners to stay informed and engaged in their communities.

Stricter gun laws save lives.

One of the key topics discussed in the podcast is the impact of stricter gun laws on saving lives. The host, Robyn Kincaid, points to the tragic mass shooting that took place in Australia in 1996, where 35 people were killed and 23 others were wounded. This incident led to the implementation of much stricter gun laws in the country, and there has been no similar mass shooting since then.

The example of Australia serves as a powerful case study in the effectiveness of stricter gun laws in preventing gun violence. By restricting access to firearms, the government was able to significantly reduce the likelihood of such tragic events occurring in the future. This is supported by statistics that show a direct correlation between access to guns and the likelihood of suicide, with the presence of a gun increasing the chances of suicide by 500%.

Furthermore, the podcast highlights the culture of privilege and lack of accountability among certain groups, such as white-collar white men and politicians like Nixon, Reagan, and Bush. This culture of privilege can contribute to a sense of entitlement and impunity, where individuals believe they can get away with illegal activities without facing consequences. This is particularly concerning when it comes to gun ownership, as easy access to firearms can enable individuals to act on their impulses without considering the potential consequences.

In light of these issues, it is clear that stricter gun laws are necessary to protect the safety and well-being of the public. By implementing measures such as background checks, waiting periods, and restrictions on certain types of firearms, governments can help prevent gun violence and save lives. It is important for lawmakers and citizens alike to prioritize public safety over personal interests and to advocate for policies that prioritize the common good.

In conclusion, the podcast provides valuable insights into the importance of stricter gun laws in saving lives and preventing tragedies. By learning from the example of countries like Australia and acknowledging the impact of gun culture and privilege, we can work towards creating a safer and more just society for all. It is up to all of us to support policies that prioritize public safety and to hold accountable those who perpetuate a culture of violence and impunity.

Christy Noem’s credibility in question.

Christy Noem’s credibility is unquestionably in question based on the information presented in the podcast. The host highlights numerous instances where Noem has made false claims and exaggerated her experiences to boost her image. From claiming to have stared down Kim Jong-un to fabricating meetings with international leaders, Noem’s credibility is on shaky ground.

One of the most egregious examples mentioned in the podcast is Noem’s claim of staring down Kim Jong-un during her time as a member of the House Armed Services Committee. This claim was debunked by a former U.S. Intel officer who stated that no such meeting ever took place. Additionally, Noem’s claim of refusing to meet with Emmanuel Macron due to his alleged pro-Hamas comments was also refuted by Macron’s office, who stated that no invitation was ever extended to her.

Furthermore, the podcast reveals that Noem had minimal involvement in the writing of her book, “No Going Back,” as she admitted that the errors in the book were due to the ghostwriter and editor. This raises questions about the authenticity of the content in the book and casts doubt on Noem’s credibility as an author.

Overall, the podcast paints a picture of a politician who is willing to stretch the truth and fabricate stories to enhance her reputation. Noem’s credibility is called into question by the discrepancies between her claims and the facts presented by credible sources. It is essential for public figures to be truthful and transparent in their actions and statements, and Noem’s track record raises concerns about her integrity and trustworthiness.

Beware of deceptive church leaders.

Furthermore, the podcast highlights the dangers of deceptive church leaders, specifically in the case of Benjamin Dalton Hauser, a youth pastor who was charged with obscene internet contact with a minor. Hauser’s actions demonstrate a lack of moral discernment and a betrayal of trust within the church community. The church’s response to the allegations, using vague language to downplay the severity of the situation, is concerning and indicative of a larger issue within religious institutions.

The podcast serves as a warning to beware of deceptive church leaders who may abuse their positions of power and authority. It is essential for congregants to be vigilant and hold their leaders accountable for their actions. The case of Hauser serves as a reminder that even those in positions of spiritual guidance can fall prey to unethical behavior and exploitation.

In conclusion, the podcast sheds light on the importance of transparency and honesty in both political and religious leadership. Deceptive practices and unethical behavior have no place in positions of authority, and it is crucial for individuals to remain vigilant and hold their leaders accountable for their actions. By being aware of the potential for deception and manipulation, individuals can protect themselves and their communities from harm.

Church leaders can be predators.

The podcast transcript highlights a disturbing trend of church leaders who abuse their positions of power to prey on vulnerable individuals. In the case of Ralph Britt Jr., a 59-year-old man who worked closely with children and youth at Dunwoody Baptist Church, he was arrested for sexual exploitation of children. Despite his outward appearance as a devout Christian, he was found to possess child sexual abuse material and was charged with multiple counts of exploitation.

This example serves as a stark reminder that not all individuals who hold leadership positions within religious institutions are trustworthy or morally upright. The podcast also mentions Henry Cuellar, a Texas congressman who was indicted for taking bribes from Azerbaijan, further emphasizing the prevalence of corruption and exploitation within positions of authority.

The podcast suggests that individuals should be cautious and vigilant when it comes to trusting church leaders, as they may not always have the best interests of their congregation at heart. It is essential for members of religious communities to hold their leaders accountable and ensure that they are acting in accordance with ethical standards.

In conclusion, the podcast sheds light on the importance of transparency and honesty in both political and religious leadership. Deceptive practices and unethical behavior have no place in positions of authority, and it is crucial for individuals to remain vigilant and hold their leaders accountable for their actions. By being aware of the potential for deception and manipulation, individuals can protect themselves and their communities from harm.

Always strive for continuous improvement.

Furthermore, the podcast emphasizes the value of always striving for continuous improvement. This concept is applicable not only to leadership, but to all aspects of life. By constantly seeking to better ourselves and our circumstances, we can grow and evolve in positive ways.

One key point made in the podcast is that improvement is a never-ending process. There is always room for growth and development, no matter how successful or accomplished one may be. This mindset of continuous improvement encourages individuals to set goals, learn from their mistakes, and actively seek out opportunities for self-improvement.

In the context of leadership, the idea of continuous improvement is essential. Leaders must be willing to adapt, learn, and grow in order to effectively lead their followers. By constantly striving to improve their leadership skills, communication abilities, and decision-making processes, leaders can better serve their communities and inspire others to do the same.

Additionally, the podcast highlights the importance of accountability in the pursuit of continuous improvement. Leaders must be willing to acknowledge their shortcomings and take responsibility for their actions. By holding themselves accountable, leaders can demonstrate integrity and earn the trust and respect of those they lead.

In conclusion, the podcast serves as a reminder of the importance of always striving for continuous improvement. By embracing this mindset, individuals can unlock their full potential and make positive changes in their own lives and in the world around them. Whether in leadership roles or in personal growth, the pursuit of continuous improvement is a powerful tool for success and fulfillment.

Thorn-In-the-Side Thursday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 2 May 2024

Previous upload didn’t take. 

Sen. Foghorn Leghorn of Louisianastan gets his potty mouth on . . . in a Senate Hearing. It’s ugly when a fossil fool feels the heat. Citizen Grump gets another day closer to visiting local incarceratory facilities. Anti-genocide protests find their way all the way to Tuscaloosa. Joe Scarborough of my Filthy Morning Habit may have a baby live, on-air. 

Prayer Meetin’ Wednesday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid 1 May 2024

Sometimes a hero is a mama who’s had enough of a MAGAT state government. The utter disdain of the state of Oklahomastan for people with disabilities is repulsive. Roman Catholic Archdocese under investigation as an ongoing criminal conspiracy. Methodists vote to stop tormenting gay people and allow gay clergy. Tangerine Tiberius goes to Waukesha and proves he’s getting more and more unwell. His minions, meanwhile, are trying to convince themselves they can keep him out of gaol when he finally force Judge Merchan to slap him and make it sting. Stevie Three Shirts finally faces the music in court, before Judge Merchan. 

Titanic Tuesday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 30 April 2024

Hey! Did you know that a member of the Israeli cabinet that PsychoBibi actually hugs in public was convicted EIGHT TIMES of incitement and TERRORISM? No? Apparently, no one in the Multi-millionaire ForProfit Media did, either. But he did. And he easily calls for unarmed prisoners to be murdered. Friends of Bibi. In the meantime, young people on college campi object to genocide. It may take a couple of generations, but they’ll be proved as right as the same kids, at the same age, who raised hell over slaughter in Vietnam. Of course, by then, all the old people who barked “Get off my lawn,” will long since be dead. 

Count me with the kids and their morals.


P.S. How fun is it to see Sporkfoot get taken to school?!

Moran Monday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 29 April 2024

. . . feat. lead moran, Kristi the Noem, slayer of puppy, killer of goat. Mercy, but that woman’s mean and stupid, and that’s a horrible way to go through life. You know it’s bad when even other MAGATS are distancing themselves . . . which they are. B-b-b-b-bratt Kavanagh shows a hint of how (awfully) he’ll rule on Nitwit Nero’s entirely insane immunity claim. Nazis march in West Virginia. I hate nazis.

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Friday-On-the-Front-Porch, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 26 April 2024

Today felt like the morning after something awful. The Republic hangs in the balance while nine people ponder brunch. One justice is the same pervert he’s ALWAYS been. Another ponders how much he simply HATES women. The balls n’ strikes guy keeps begging for this cup to be taken from him. The Catholic school punk waits to see how the men blow. The Midwestern fratboy is just as shitty as he was when he was hazing pledges. 

That leaves it to women to save the Republic. Hopefully, ONE man will be a MAN and listen to them.