Friday-on-the-Frontovid Porch Friday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 3 July 2020

Two separate interviews of two different people paint a horrifying picture of what the lick-spittles who orbit Corona Caligula may have in mind for us come November. Would they really use a fake national emergency to disrupt the election? C’mon! Who are we talking about here? Meanwhile, Nitwit Nero and his cast of Covidiots head for Mount Rushmore, where native peoples have made abundantly clear he isn’t welcome. Who knows how many cases of COVID-19 will come out of this?

Thorona-in-the-Front Porch Thursday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 2 July 2020

Covidiots! From New York to Talibama, stupidity abounds. It’s almost like they’re TRYING to spread the ‘Rona. Oh, wait. That’s exactly what they were trying to do. And now, Ol’ 999, Herm Cain is in the hospital because he just HAD to go to Tulsa and sit in the black section at Clorox Caligula’s CoronaPalooza. MAGATS lose what little minds they have over the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein’s pimp. Paul-from-Parts-Unknown calls in to discuss the scientific end of our attempt to contain the TrumPandemic.

Prayer Meetinarona Wednesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 1 July 2020

Glory! Louisiana preacher shames his flock for being absent during a pandemic. Priest in Talibandiana refers to BLM protesters as “vermin.” EVILgelical MAGAT LGBTQ despiser says BLM is trying to turn young black men all gay; declares wearing a mask is just like having to wear a Star of David sewn onto clothing (but somehow forgets the pink triangle); further declares that Bill Cosby was framed. A deep-dive with an old friend of the program into the whys and wherefores of religion, itself. You might want a beverage or something combustible for that part. Heady stuff!

Trumptanicovid Tuesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 30 June 2020

It is hard to imagine anyone more self-assuredly stupid than Kentucky Senator Libertarian Op’famologist Rand Paul, but he never ceases to remind us and he put on a master dumbass class today in the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. Never trust an expert, he confidently declared. Then Dr. Fauci explained that it is entirely possible we will see 100,000 COVID-19 cases per day in the near future if we don’t get our act together. HINT: there are more than enough contagiously stupid people in the U.S. to assure we will NOT get our act together. SCOTUS proved itself more than capable of spitting on the First Amendment by foisting support of religious institutions upon the taxpayers, as we wait for them to render their Trump decision and skedaddle out of town for the next three months.

Moroviday Monday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 29 June 2020

2020 needs to go stand in the corner for awhile. Really. What? A novel swine flu? Great. Add to that the fact that the WHO says the ‘Rona is speeding up and America, Teh Stoopid. Our Stoopid Problem is proving to be worse that our Opioid Problem, and they have similar characteristics. It’s hard to slip someone heroin, but it’s proving to be terrifyingly easy to slip waaaaay to many Americans a hit of Stoopid. Tennessee . . . Florida . . . Texas . . . Arizona . . . Missouri . . . . Tennessee: they’ve all been slipped the viral equivalent of a Mickey Finn. 

Dr Bill Obrien’s Virtual Civics, Monday, 29 June 2020

The politics of death and misdirection. It’s hard to fathom everything going on in the news with regard to our nation’s status among the rising number of Covid-19 victims and our general dissent in taking the precautions to prevent the spread, but the facts are there. From people claiming it’s a violation of their constitutional rights, to heresy and an affront to God’s design of man, this is America in all her glory. We’re losing the battle of logic to an unspecified foe who’ll be the demise of our world as we know it unless we join together and get some common sense and unity going quickly. Remember, this is a joint effort for survival, it depends on us, we the people.

Thornovid-in-the-Side Thursday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 25 June 2020

White Spokescreep declares COVID Caligula “is not a civilian” and therefor doesn’t have to quarantine before entering New Jersey. WTAF? Is he Field Marshall Von Drumpf now? He has real designs on a monarchy. Trump voters display their racism in Pennsylvania and California, to name but a few places. MAGAT Township Councilman in PA smears the commonwealth’s Secretary of Health. North Carolina cops discuss slaughtering black people to “set them back four or five generations.” 

Prayerovid Meetin’ Wednesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 24 June 2020

My goodness, gracious, but the loving-kindness of the EVILgelical Krischunz was on display this evening! It takes a special big load of gawd’s love to make a Krischun declare that young black men are hanging  themselves just to make Trump look bad. God is luv, y’all! Then there’re the krischunz who say that being gay is a bigger sin than slavery. Hoo-wee! The peace that passeth ALL understanding! In Valdosta, Georgia, it took four full months for bodycam footage to see the light of day that showed three violent cops of not particularly high intelligence torturing an innocent black man. In Palm Beach County, Florida, the MAGATS came out to protest mask-wearing. It was the usual mendacious drivel from the usual COVIDiot MAGATS. They are domestic bio-terrorists.

Trumptanicovid Tuesday, Head-)N With Bob Kincaid, 23 June 2020

Sometimes, this community just won’t let me get started. I say one thing and away we go. Oh, well! We eventually got into the heart of a three-hour filibobster. COVID Caligula held another disease-fest, this time in Arizona, with a grift, er, church, that claimed it could eliminate “99.9% of COVID” from the air. Being Evilgelcals, they were, of course, LYING. Hypocrisy was on display with my Filthy Morning Habit(TM) as the sales geniuses decided to air an ad for a viral cesspool in Florida owned by MSNBC’s parent company after a week of rightly criticizing Nitwit Nero’s CoronaPalooza. Sheesh! Dr. Fauci testified about masks and setting examples and what he expects the virus to do in the near- and long-term. Every word from his mouth was at odds with the blatherings of the Blithering Idiot-in-Chief. Attorney General Bill “Pepe the Frog” Barr tried to rig the sentencing of Roger Stone and the U.S. Attorney in charge filled his shorts out of fear of Julius Geezer. In Portland, Oregon, a murderous white supremacist lashed out at family members of his victims during his sentencing. Walla Walla, Washington has a Nazi cop problem. Womenstanding takes action. Too, also: Godzilla. Because 2020.

Dr. Bill Obrien’s Virtual Civics, Tuesday, 23, June 2020

Imagine a world where your government would put your life at risk and you couldn’t do anything about it. That sounds like a dystopian novel, right? No, it isn’t. We are at a crux in our nation and we’re failing in keeping our lives in check due to the damage inflicted by the Covid pandemic and the economical impacts that have ensued. Why are we in such a mire you might ask? The answer is in our leadership, the men and women who are elected to serve the people they represent, not doing their jobs and protecting their constituents. Let’s have a conversation and find out what remedies we may use to change the tide that’s seeming decimating not only our nation, but the world around us. 

Morona Monday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 22 June 2020

Morans assemble! Such was the clarion cry Saturday in Tulsa as people stayed away from Clorox Claudius’ Coronapalooza in droves. Still, some stalwart Decepticonservatives showed up, about six thousand of them, to listen to a rambling diatribe that was the political equivalent of a lap dance by a syphilitic stripper. Coming home, he looked the part, disheveled, depressed, disheartened.   Now, his lick-spittles are torn as to what to do about the fact that they, themselves, may have started a super-spreader event, with no less than eight staffers testing positive for the ‘Rona and having been on the ground in Tulsa. Meanwhile, Florida Man don’ wanna go t’ th’ Wally World a-wearin’ of no mask. And Florida Man Governor wants to suppress the number of ICU beds being used and counted while his Surgeon General asks nicely that Floridians wear masks. Back here in Almost Level, South Carolina has become our leading cause of COVID-19 transmission in West Virginia. 

Dr. Bill Obrien’s Virtual Civics

We are a nation in turmoil. The pandemic rages and testing has been slowed in order to hide the evidence of malfeasance demonstrated by our own governing President. What, if anything, can be done to protect the people and their welfare from misinformation and harm? Hopefully together we can come up with a solution to get us back on track. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Prayer Meetinorona Wednesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 17 June 2020

A three-hour filibobster! Everything from money-grubbing Bolton’s tell-all book, to potentially Murka’s first Q-Anon congresswoman (“bad choices,” “PROBABLY worse than black people”), to Republicans who are too terrified to say “Black Lives Matter,” to anti-LGBT rants by the President of Poland (“The Duda”) and a vile bit of Trans erasure by White House Spokestwit Kayleigh MAGAninny, to the Singing Anti-Masker, the ugly and the stupid are on the march.

Dr Bill Obrien’s Virtual Civics, Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Every broadcast Dr Bill creates is chock-full of brilliance, but today he revisited a topic only he can explain in the way he does: “Happiness,” as in “the pursuit of.” That phrase has been so twisted, so perverted by the wealth class that it would be unrecognizable to the people who included it in the Declaration of Independence. This one is a keeper. 

Trumptanicorona Tuesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 16 June 2020

COVID Caligula is doing his best to split the Alabama GOP, and more power to him. He’s heading to Mobile to spread his disease among the faithful in an attempt to work his vengeance upon Jefferson Davis Beauregard Sessions the Turd in favor of a former football coach who doesn’t even share his ideas on trade policy. This should at least be tragically entertaining to watch when it goes down. Then there’s the ugly reality of the SCOTUS decision that wasn’t covered on Monday. Just because it wasn’t covered doesn’t mean it wasn’t a hulking disaster . . . with a side of 9th Circle of Hell betrayal thrown in for good measure. Horse-tradin’ should be reserved for the livery stable, not for the highest court in the land, but here we are. You probably won’t hear about this anywhere else. And in New Mexico, shots ring out in defense of a statue of a genocidal conquistador 400+ years dead.

Morona Monday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 15 June 2020

How nice it is to have some good news to share! Regardless, with any good news comes news of the behavior of the morans in response to it, so there’s that, and there’s an over-abundance of it. FoxNews and DailyCaller get punked by Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Too rich for words. ABC is in a world of misery after the network owned by Mickey Mouse got caught covering for an abusive woman who, as VP, complained that GMA anchor Robin Roberts wasn’t being “asked to pick cotton,” said Sunny Holstin is “low rent,” and described a former ABC News anchor as not being worth the money ABC News spends on toilet paper.