Trumptanicovid Tuesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid,27 October 2020

A week to go. Breeeeeeathe, y’all! COVID Caligula is running scared and Joe Biden is running in places he never thought he’d have a chance. Georgia today, with a call to remember a true American hero, FDR. Kamala is headed for Texas because that state’s in play. Amy Tonys Cloney, now #JusticeHandmaid, got sworn in by Slappy Thomas as Viral Vespasian looked on, maskless like Amy and Slappy were, beaming. Don’tSayGay Doc in Tennessee has some decidedly non-gay problems. Cue the banjos. A report from the viral cesspit that is North Dakota. Lesley Stahl gets a security detail. Dr. Iwanka says COVID is so over! The Lincoln Project releases a chilling mini-film. He may not be able to spell it, but Julius Geezer knows what stochastic terrorism is, and he’s using it. Bill Maher, Titanic Intellect says . . . oh, never mind.