Agnostic Meetin’ Wednesday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 26 June 2024

We got a decision today from our Most Puissant, Dread Sovereign Supreme Catholic Majesties, but not THE decision (there’s actually two). But we also got a leak. Maybe we should start referring to Sammy BadBreath as “Sammy A-Leako.” The Court “AcciAlitodentally” let slip the Moyel vs. U.S. decision, in which Sammy had another misogynistic spasm over women and how much he despises them. WTF did MA Alito do to him to make him hate women the way that he does? Regardless, other things: Klanny Granny won her primary. She handily beat off all her opponents. Meanwhile, Marje loses yet another quandrant of what passes for her mind even thinking about the debate. 

P.S. COVIDiots lose. COVIDiots LOSE!