Bloody Monday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 8 May 2023

Sweet, bleeding Jesus, but this grows wearying. A Nazi incel slaughters people at a mall cuz he can’t get laid. And none, I mean NONE of the multi-millionaire ForProfit Media will go deeper than “mental health.” It tasks me! Maybe it’ll show up on my filthy morning habit in a couple of weeks. Too, also: we have a GROOMER! Curiously, neither gay, a drag queen, or trans. Feels like a clue!

Y’all, we bounce from one existential crisis to the next. The next one is breathing down my neck. Appalachian Power wants their money. A lot of money. This community survives by miracles. Human ones. If you can help keep this little miracle of a broadcast alive, please do! Thank you!