Dr. Bill Obrien’s Virtual Civics, Monday, December 14, 2020

Welcome back for the holiday edition of The Virtual Center! Let’s talk about sedition and what it could mean for more than a few states involved with the election mayhem. Consequences have actions, and it’s not better to act first and ask forgiveness later. The actions that’s taking place in our country today were what our Founders feared, but tried to be prepared for within the guide of the Constitution. We weren’t only unprepared, we’re malevolent about it. According to our voting record there were a lot of folks voting for the same people all over again. Mindboggling isn’t it? Just remember, what affects your neighbor will eventually impact you as well. Be wise in your choices and you won’t have to worry about the consequences. 

Please join us for a continued conversation on our nation, it’s people, and our continued civic duty to learn about the forces beyond our walls that influence how we interact with everyone around us. United We Stand, Divided We Fall.