Dr. Bill Obrien’s Virtual Civics, Monday, January 4, 2021

Welcome back! We hope that you had a lovely ringing in of the New Year, or at least you were safe and with those you love. It’s been a year now and Covid numbers have skyrocketed and the impending change from the old guard, which didn’t have a plan, wasn’t much interested in one now leaves us dying off as the the new one seems to be trying to formulate a plan in the midst’s of absolute insanity. It’s looking a little early colonial, don’t you think? The sadness of it all is that it’s the People who suffer in the chaos, not those who are making up the rules as they go along their merry ways all the while destroying the basic fundamentals which our nation was founded upon. Truth, Liberty, and Justice are a day late and a dollar short in this carnival ride that we can’t seem to get exit.

Listen for the references within the podcast to find our more about the Old Deluder Satan Act of 1647 and how it affects education today.