Dr Bill Obrien’s Virtual Civics, Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Where are we in the global scheme of things when China is quickly becoming a bigger force in fighting the pandemic than we are by providing vaccines on a global scale, while we have difficulty in just getting the vaccines out and distributed among the people in the U.S.? We’ll be discussing this more next Tuesday with guest, Dr. Kevin Shanley on China as a world power.

In the second hour we were discussing virtual education and it’s effects on students and their grades.¬†Infrastructure, continuing education for teachers, and a community where parents and educators work together are the tools which can overcome some of the pitfalls we’ve encountered with the change to virtual education during the pandemic. One thing that’s most important to remember is we’re creating tomorrow now by what we do and say with regard to education and children. Let’s do well so posterity can keep us in it’s good graces.

We hope your holidays are happy and healthy and let’s bring in 2021 with a fresh sense of hope. Together we can’t fail.¬†¬†