Dr. Bill Obrien’s Virtual Civics, Wednesday 27, January 2021

The First One Hundred Days of the Biden Administration has it’s work cut out for it. While the GOP’s call for unity rings hollow in the midst of an insurrection, a pandemic, and the general disorder that’s come about in the last four years, we’re at a juncture that if we don’t work together a bad situation could become far more dire. Accountability has been an ongoing theme for the last administration, yet here we are and no one claims ownership of the acts of sedition that was incurred on home soil by it’s own peoples and involved members of the government itself. This is something that’s clearly defined in the Constitution and is most definitely defined as a crime. It may seem as if the light at the end of the tunnel may have dimmed a bit, but have heart. We’ve weathered storms throughout the history of our nation and we’ll weather this one together as well.


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