Fridarona-on-the-Front Porch, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 8 May 2020

RIP, Bob Lotti, dear friend. To the very end, he was sharing knowledge, teaching our community how to sanitize and protect themselves against the ‘Rona. The Sandy Hook Truthers and the Anti-Vaxxers had a baby and named it “Plandemic.” That miserable dreck will get people all dead. Meanwhile, Clorox Claudius wonders about fish . . . and water . . . and reminisces about his L.A. house gone by . . . and a spigot . . . a big spigot, that took all day to turn.

P.S. Stephen Miller, UberGroppenFuhrer of the Derp Reich’s wife has the ‘Rona. So does COVID Caligula’s SS.