Friday-On-the-Front-Porch, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 15 September 2023

Labor learns to flex its muscles again. Jack Smith seeks to fit Tangerine Tiberius with a narrow gag. Lee heads for the northeast. Your ‘umble ‘ostess has a new name (but Robyn’s still fine, too). Leon Skum needs deporting and not because he humiliated his partner (because he’s Leon Skum, after all). Roger delivers a master class on canned food safety. SD’s Kristi Noem turns out to be, in the words of Rick James, “a very kinky girl” (with a “christian fambly valyooz hubby I hope cleans her clock in court; that, or he’s as kinky as she, in which case . . . oh, Jerry Falwell, Jr!)