Friday-On-the-Front-Porch, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 28 July 2023

Study shows being a Republican can kill you. Rotted FK sends out a neo-nazi dog whistle. Great, big, saddddd, MAGAT tears. President Biden does the right thing. . . of course. MAGAT senators go Alfred E. Newman over Moscow Mitch. Rare bipartisan agreement in the Senate . . . that Rep Van Orden is a poltroon. Kevvers can seem to even find him. MonkeyUp bristles at another GOP POTUS “hopeful.” 

Y’all, running a radio network on the last dry-rotted thread of a frayed shoestring has never been easy, but somehow, this program has survived almost two full decades. Yay, y’all! The last three months, though, have been brutal, ending with a deficit in every month since May.  At close of program this evening, we’re unfunded for the last six episodes to the tune of $1,745. We need help . . . help growing the community, help sharing the program, and help keeping it on the air.