Moran Monday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 26 August 2019

Sometimes, the Morans are homegrown right here in West-by-Coal Trumpginia and this is one of those days.”Bernie brooga-brooga! Democratic soshulizm worble-narf!” Hoppy Kercheval is such a reliable little wingnut, I’m surprised the wingnut welfare train hasn’t carried him all the way to FoxNewsTV/Radio Rwanda. Bernie carries the fight to Moscow Mitch in Kentuckystan. Nitwit Nero lies about a call from China. If only it had been a blowjob, he might be impached. Oklahoma judge spanks opioid-hustling drug company. Transpobia erupts in L.A. bar. With apologies to the Scorpions: “Here I am! Nuke you like a hurricane!”