Morona Monday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 14 September 2020

Don’t wear your deer antler hat at night on a South Dakota highway. Bad things, man. WV MAGATS have a super-spreader to grunt and shriek at Make West Virginia Great Big Ol’ Governor Jim Justice cuz he won’t let’s them play footbawl. Mad MAGATS hoot n’ holler in Utah because they don’ wanna wear no maskseseses no more. Marine who murdered a transgirl in the Phillipines gets a walk from Donnie’s pal, Duterte. Ohio cops invade funeral of African-American man they chased to his death, declare funeral a “riot.” Oregon cops suspended for spreading the LIE that Antifa started the wildfires. Nitwit Nero: Macho Man.I try again to quit smoking. I really want to succeed, but damn, it sucks!