Morona Monday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 22 June 2020

Morans assemble! Such was the clarion cry Saturday in Tulsa as people stayed away from Clorox Claudius’ Coronapalooza in droves. Still, some stalwart Decepticonservatives showed up, about six thousand of them, to listen to a rambling diatribe that was the political equivalent of a lap dance by a syphilitic stripper. Coming home, he looked the part, disheveled, depressed, disheartened.   Now, his lick-spittles are torn as to what to do about the fact that they, themselves, may have started a super-spreader event, with no less than eight staffers testing positive for the ‘Rona and having been on the ground in Tulsa. Meanwhile, Florida Man don’ wanna go t’ th’ Wally World a-wearin’ of no mask. And Florida Man Governor wants to suppress the number of ICU beds being used and counted while his Surgeon General asks nicely that Floridians wear masks. Back here in Almost Level, South Carolina has become our leading cause of COVID-19 transmission in West Virginia.