Morona Monday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 27 april 2020

Morans, morans everywhere, and not a MAGAT who can think! Illinois MAGAT moran wades through cheering throngs to file a suit against Gov. Pritzker to make him get more people all dead. Moran MAGAT in North Carolina who led the ReOpen NC Campaign tests positive for the Donrona Virus, then whines about having to quarantine. Georgia moves to re-open strip joints because if there’s no lap dance, there ain’t no feeedummm. Texas Governor begins re-opening. It’s all just Fort Sumter with a virus. White-wing Boston blowhard says vaping bleach might work. Orange County, CA opens beaches, hordes of morans throng. Howard Stern says he wants all the MAGATS to drink bleach and get it over with.