Prayer Meetin’ Wednesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 22 January 2020

The little ol’ blue-haired ladies in the Fellership Hall Kitchen were waaaaaay to absorbed in watching the Senate’s  Impeachment Coverup to even think about cooking. And it’s understandable. The House Managers are doing a magnificent job while the pettifogging lick-spittles for Nitwit Nero are reduced to sputtering and whining. At the same, time, watching the mastery displayed by Adam Schiff, I was reminded of the two Democratic primary candidates who keep saying that having people with the experience of an Adam Schiff in Congress is a bad idea. Know what’s a bad idea? Either of those two as the nominee. How any candidate could declare that disenfranchising voters is a good idea is simply beyond me. In real time, a slobbering, shrieking MAGAT was hauled out of the Senate gallery, but because Moscow Mitch wants to do his coverup with as little light as possible, we weren’t allowed to see it because he’s muzzled the free press beyond any technology more recent than the ballpoint pen.


REMINDER: Impeachment isn’t a “constitutional crisis.” Covering up the misdeeds of an impeached president IS.