Prayer Meetin’ Wednesday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 28 June 2023

Mt. Rushmore is a demonic telephone line to D.C. Don’t blame me! I only report. But Dr. Mari needs to lay off the filler more than I need to lay off the Maybelline. That woman could out-kiss a Beluga whale.  Just sayin’. And that’s only the beginning. Man-of-Manly-Masculinity-Manhood Josh Hawlin-Ass- Sissy found his internal subwoofer to growl at a roomful of “christians.” And grunt he did! Me, I’m suspicious. 

We’re so deep in a hole trying to keep up with the bills that a bunch of billionaires in a Libertarian Death Thermos couldn’t find us. If you care about Progressive media, non-capitalist, non-advertiser-supported, “BUY GOLD NOW, you rubes!) radio, might you please help keep it all going?