Prayerona Meetin’ Wednesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 9 December 2020

Glory! Kenny Copeland can’t cure the ‘Rona (he doesn’t even believe it exists), but he’s gone to work curing baldness! Praise! EVILgelicals plan big shindigs where they’ll walk in circles come Saturday. Rick Wiles wants firing squads for Democrats. Maskhole covidiots attack Idaho county commissioner’s home. Ammonium Bundy says he has a right to see faces at his trial and demands masks not be used. Know what’s scary? Amy Covid Barrett a/k/a Justice Handmaid and the other cultists on SCOTUS might agree with him. Seventeen MAGAT states have joined indicted Texas A.G. Ken Paxton in trying to impose their will on states that didn’t vote the way the MAGATs wanted.