Prayerovid Meetin’ Wednesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 24 June 2020

My goodness, gracious, but the loving-kindness of the EVILgelical Krischunz was on display this evening! It takes a special big load of gawd’s love to make a Krischun declare that young black men are hanging  themselves just to make Trump look bad. God is luv, y’all! Then there’re the krischunz who say that being gay is a bigger sin than slavery. Hoo-wee! The peace that passeth ALL understanding! In Valdosta, Georgia, it took four full months for bodycam footage to see the light of day that showed three violent cops of not particularly high intelligence torturing an innocent black man. In Palm Beach County, Florida, the MAGATS came out to protest mask-wearing. It was the usual mendacious drivel from the usual COVIDiot MAGATS. They are domestic bio-terrorists.