Prayerovid Meetin Wednesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 26 August 2020

Glory! Franklin Graham’s daughter attacks children at the “Pro-family” RNC. Her first cousin, meanwhile, has joined the Lincoln Project. White-on-white violence in Kenosha. White people are, I suppose, just naturally violent. At least the cops gave the killer a cool drink of water before they DIDN’T arrest him and let him flee into Illinois . . . and yes, he’s a MAGAT, because of course he is. Kentucky AG spits on the memory of Breonna Taylor. Melanoma, wearing her Fascist Barbie outfit, makes America an offer we can’t understand. The RNC goes to Fort McHenry, from whence Francis Scott Key, racist poet, gave us the Star Spangled Banner. Trump CDC is going to get those COVID-19 testing numbers down if it kills us.

Your Salvation may vary.