Prayerovid Meetinorona Wednesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 8 July 2020

Praise! Glory! Put your hands in the air, Eezma! The Christians are gonna kill us all if the get the chance (and they have the chance). Instead of relying on Jesus, they happily took millions of taxpayer dollars from Paycheck Protection funds. Thanks to the Supreme Court, now they get to fire anyone working for a Religion Industry School and claim they were a “minister,” even if their religion prohibits women from the ministry. It was a big day for religious bigotry as the religious bigots on the Supreme Court also said gospel sharps have more rights than women do. Despicable scum. Also: having to wear a mask is Exactly.The.SAME as Jews being forced into cattle cars and sent to death camps. So says a good, god-fearing, upstanding, Bible-believing, Christ-centered EVILgelical Ammosexual Gundamentalist in Louisiana. And he has a fellow traveller in Ohio!