Ronaday-on-the-Front Porch, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 17 April 2020

Corona Caligula calls his MAGATS to make biowar on states he considers his enemy. Israeli media confirms earlier reports that Trump’s intel agencies knew about COVID-19 in November. They Let.It.Happen. It is not impossible that Nitwit Nero’s mysterious trip to Walter Reed Army Medical Center on 19 November 2019 was for purposes of providing him some sort of treatment against what they knew was coming. Is there a secret vaccine? An undisclosed drug regimen? How has he NOT gotten the ‘Rona after all his exposures?

Now that the MAGATS are hitting the streets in defiance of Democratic governors’ (and one Republican’s) absolutely constitutional public health orders, now that MAGAT law enforcement officers are in open rebellion against governors, it is imperative that we stay safe. Remain as far as possible for any disease-infested, disease-spreading MAGATS.