Thorn-in-the-Side Thoronasday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 13 May 2020

MAGAT Wisconsin Supreme Court issues death warrant for Wisconsonians. Tami Laren tells liberals not to complain about cancellation of Pride parades. Some things never change: Louisville cops break down door, shoot sleeping woman eight times. She was an “essential” EMT. She was, of course, black. The cops were, of course, in the wrong apartment. Legal grifter Mat Stavers says making people exercise social distancing is JUST.LIKE the Holocaust. GymShorts Jordan tells America to quit being lazy lay-abouts and get back to work. From history, an account of the consequences of refusal to vaccinate. Clorox Claudius declares Dr. Fauci’s advice about re-opening schools to be “unacceptable.”