Titanic Tuesday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 26 September 2023

There’s a dis-ease in the land. Between the moaners who complain about President Biden’s age to the MAGATS who don’t even think about the doddering of their orange god-emperor, the vibrating is getting rather profound. Cassidy Hutchinson, although she’s telling the truth, is making it more profound. The entire culture of the Trump years was nothing but gropey, disgusting old men, plus Matt Gaetz. The rest of the GQP field has been narrowed to seven, so we now have Snow Flake and the Seven Dwarfs. Oh, and the MAGATS are now butthurt over . . . Taylor Swift? Yep. Taylor Swift. Plus, Judge Arthur Engoron specifically found as a matter of fact and law that Trump and his rotten spawn deliberately bait-and-switched the value of Trump Org properties. The trial starts Monday. And Nitwit Nero wants a gun. Really. He may have Huntered himself.