Titanic Tuesday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 29 August 2023

David Frum is a pearl-clutching ninny. Justin Jones of Nashville is fearless. He’s making the pasty-faced, doughy MAGATS squirm and it’s a righteous thing to behold. Fappy Thomas’ “Integrity Letter” takes a blow amidships. Moms Fer Liburtee forms a chapter in WV. No word yet on whether they’ve let loose their inner Hitler fangirl. Nitwit Nero’s pettifoggers had a bad day before Chutkan, J. Swastikas on a Nazi’s AR-15. A black neighborhood in Montgomery awakens to swastikas all over the place. Cops searching diligently for a “motive.” Jesus. And COVID’s on the upswing. 

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