Titanicorona Tuesday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 6 April 2021

Moscow Mitch has a sad, decries “woke mob,” punishing companies for not being as racist as he, Moscow Mitch, wants them to be; conveniently forgets he used to like it when the “Free Market” did as it wished. And too: isn’t it interesting that the MAGATs oppose “wokeness,” when it’s a term to describe enlightenment? Oops. Capitol mob turns out to have been (gasp) white and make and racist af and came from little burgs where they believed their white way of life was “under attack.” Speaking of attacks, a new attack on trans kids arises in North Carolinastan, this time with a new wrinkle. And finally, a stone-cold (literally!) giggle from Talibama.