Trumptanicorona Tuesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 16 June 2020

COVID Caligula is doing his best to split the Alabama GOP, and more power to him. He’s heading to Mobile to spread his disease among the faithful in an attempt to work his vengeance upon Jefferson Davis Beauregard Sessions the Turd in favor of a former football coach who doesn’t even share his ideas on trade policy. This should at least be tragically entertaining to watch when it goes down. Then there’s the ugly reality of the SCOTUS decision that wasn’t covered on Monday. Just because it wasn’t covered doesn’t mean it wasn’t a hulking disaster . . . with a side of 9th Circle of Hell betrayal thrown in for good measure. Horse-tradin’ should be reserved for the livery stable, not for the highest court in the land, but here we are. You probably won’t hear about this anywhere else. And in New Mexico, shots ring out in defense of a statue of a genocidal conquistador 400+ years dead.