Fridoviday-on-the-Front Porch, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 11September 2020

MAGAT Covidiots along with their god-emperor have killed 62 times as many Americans as the 19 hijackers did 19 years ago. Bioterrorists. No one’s shocked anymore, but we have further proof of what a disgusting, perverted, child sexual abuser Donald Trump is. What kind of of sixty-six year old man tells another man he wants to have sex with a fifteen year old girl? The Pervert-in-Chief did that. Speaking of perverts, CuckyJerry’s troubles continue. MyMethedUpPillow guy threatens to sue CNN. There’s a Beefalo on the loose in Connecticut! Run! MAGATS continue to hoot and grunt about “Antifa” starting the fires out west. New peer-reviewed study shows that living near toxic industrial areas makes COVID-19 worse than it has to be.