Thorona-in-the-Side Thuronaday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 10 September 2020

This bundle of thorns brought to you by the South Dakota Tourism Board, using your money to deny the seriousness of the Dondemic. “We didn’t not neither spread 250,000 cases of the ‘Rona,” whines Kristi Noem. Wisconsin Supreme Court tries to (further) monkey-wrench absentee ballots in that “battleground” state. The weapon of choice? The *!^#&* GREEEN candidate, Howie Whatshisname, perpetual loser, who couldn’t win an election for Cesspool Skimmer.  Trump notches another victim, a 29 year old black teacher in South Carolina whose black life definitely didn’t matter to Corona Caligula.  Even without a crystal ball, I correctly predicted the MAGAT response to the fires out west.