Fridoviday-on-the-Front Porch, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 31 July 2020

As he eulogized John Lewis, President Obama declared that we hall have the power to be good people. Naturally, there is proof to the contrary. Naturally, it’s a gospel sharp. Naturally, he’s in the Confederacy. A new short feature from the Lincoln Project paints a downright photorealistic picture of a MAGAT family. We discuss mail-in ballots and how the Corona Caligula regime will move to stop them. Have you gotten any mysterious seeds from China? Don’t open ’em. Don’t plant ’em. Turn ’em over to your state Department of Agriculture. QAnon covidiots throw a super-spreader hissy in Hollywood. A thought experiment: What will this nation be by January 20, 2021?