Thorona in the Side Thursday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 30 July 2020

“For the wages of Covidiocy is death.” Thus sayeth the Virus. Maskhole Herm Cain, having attended a MAGAT Coronapalooza Klan Rally in Tulsa, succumbs to his own ignorance. RIP, John Lewis. Why “Progressives” can’t have nice things, Part the 1469289744156: dumping on John Lewis on the day he was buried edition. To paraphrase Lady Brett in “The Sun Also Rises,” “Not being an asshole is what we have instead of god.” Many members of the Purity Patrol apparently don’t even have that. Nitwit Nero ponders a November without an election. “Quo usque tandem, Trumpo . . . ” wonders the decent part of the population of the planet. Mike Pompeo recounts the heady days of his part in the Great German War of 1987.