Dr Bill Obrien’s Virtual Civics, Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Our program today focuses on James Madison and what he had in mind regarding our Constitution and what it meant for the People. Madison’s Federalist Papers #10 and #51 were referenced in this discussion as well as an essay by Larry Kramer called, “The Interest of the Man”: James Madison, Popular Constitutionalism, and the Theory of Deliberative Democracy.

These references give you only a thumbnail of our discussion and we hope you’ll join us in perusing this and many other topics that are crucial in understanding how government was designed to function and for what purposes they hoped to achieve.  

Dr Bill Obrien’s Virtual Civics, Tuesday, 24 September 2019

We welcome you back after our brief hiatus to another program that’s isn’t only history, but a discussion on Civics and how history is perceived in and out of the classroom. While our text books only teach a somewhat distorted view of history as it occurred, it stands to reason that history is only as good as the person writing the book. This is why we need to refer to source materials. 

We’ll be covering the information that’s in Dr. Obrien’s lectures on the Constitution, the Confederation period and the Declaration of Independence. Let’s discuss what’s made our country and compare it to what’s taking place now and see where it leads us.

Again, thank you for your support of this program. 

Prayer Meetin’ Wednesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 18 September 2019

The Cathedral sound system was on the fritz, but we got through without the usual hymn. A little real news and then off to the races with the Religion Industry goons. Everything from good, Christian child sexual abuse to “The Deplorable Choir,” to a Deep State Conspiracy at the blood bank. Oh, and an Assembly of Gawd exorcism. 

Moran Monday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 16 September 2019

“Head for the hills or you’ll be up to your armpits in morans!”

Ben Shapiro yearns to know what a penis looks like. China has a FART Telescope. Vicious Saudi Princess gets convicted in France.  Saudis attempt to get U.S. to do its military dirty work, just like it does with workers it brings in from other countries and enslaves. No one with a functioning brain believes Mike Pompeo (he graduated first in his class at West Point, you know). Nitwit Nero says he’ll fight for the Saudis because they “pay cash.” Oh, and Mother Russia had a virus storage facility blow up . . . where they kept smallpox and ebola. Too, also: Corn Pop!

Titanic Tuesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 10 September 2019

Exploding locomotive. School kids “joking” about guns in school. A sick man who wasn’t kidding. A grift that masquerades as a school and it’s head man who masquerades as a human being. And a Becki. And all before we really get into the day’s ration of madness from King Don. Wow. BONUS: a mini-HORN-In breaks out in San Diego!

Moran Monday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 9 September 2019

What a weekend! It was a Trumpalanche of Stupid, a Trumpcano of white (and I do mean “white”) hot MAGAma. So we examine the question of what’s wrong with his mind and how we talk about it without being hurtful to others. “Come Mr. Taliban, sign a deal with Donnie.” Holy Mother of Nothing, the malevolent disordered mind he has! and what a groveling lot of things he has surrounding him. It takes a special level of dumb to start a fight with Chrissy Teigen . . . 

Dr Bill Obrien’s Virtual Civics, Monday, 9 September 2019

We spent today’s program reviewing just how much can go wrong in just a few days. Everything from “Sharpie Gate” and tracking a storm that just won’t roll your way, to how much it costs to ensure that the legal system finds favor for you and your cause depending on your pocketbook. Join us tomorrow for a discussion with Dr. Kevin Shanley!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the subjects as well and contact information is in the beginning of the program.