Prayerona Meetin’ Wednesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 12 August 2020

We have a carryover moran titanic intellect. Meet Stacy Washington who, as a “Black Voice For Trump” has declared herself the arbiter of blackness, specifically for the purpose of questioning the blackness of Kamala Harris. She, along with white supremacist leader Tucker Carlson, is apparently stymied by Senator Harris’ first name, even with a pronunciation guide to help her. Supporters of the grandson of a pimp and son of a klansman decry Harris’ alleged heritage relating to an ancestor who was a slaver owner. We check in with Nitwit Nero’s shitshow, in which he declares that “they” are invading Suburbia. He’s not even trying to hide his racism anymore, to the extent that he ever did. Florida sheriff declares himself a bioterrorist. Big 12 wants to spread COVID-19, er, have a football season. Annnnnd, since it’s 2020, why not have a salmonella outbreak necessitating a massive recall of . . . onions. Because in TrumpMurkkka, even onions are dangerous.