Prayerona Meetin’ Wednesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 29 July 2020

More maskhole covidiocy from GymShorts Jordan today in the House . . . with the news that his pal Louie Asparagus Gohmert has the ‘Rona. Naturally, being an idiot, Gohmert blamed wearing a mask for his infection. His staff, though, are less certain. Jeff Bezos got called out for his predatory practices at Amazon. Nitwit Nero praises anti-mask doctor who holds some, ahem, interesting beliefs. 1400 more COVID deaths today, the most since mid-May. Anti-mask attacks in North Carolina and New York. Anti-vaxxer QAnon goon says masks hide you from gawd. My local school board decides to hold a super-spreader event.